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Mountain pups 1 wk old

My 'Mountain' Trio has completely and utterly stolen my heart, filled the air, and captured me with their perfectly squishy faces, their stout otter tails that curl one minute and then stick straight out and vibrate with excitement the next. Their ears still folded downwards, closing off the outside world and their eyes sealing everything out.  Christmas music plays in the nursery but these little ones are perfectly content in their own little world... for now at least.

In just under 1 week old they have gained strength and mobility that is astonishing. If they lose their way, Sola extends her nose out just enough for them to follow her back to the warm and cozy pile. They are fully capable of making their way around the box now.

Snuggle Buddy friends were added to give the puppy pile more mass for these wee ones to work themselves into. Snuggle Buddies for the win once again!

All the pups are doing exceptional and soar past milestones in front of my eyes. The milkbar gets hit hard daily and their fat little bellies try to grow outward just as fast as their bodies lengthen. Everest and Andes are in close competition for 1st place, Everest has broken the 2 lb. mark already with Andes not far behind at all. McKinley is a touch smaller but not by much and is holding her own just fine. Sola dotes on them constantly making sure everyone is clean and accounted for.

I swear mamas count their babies. Their eyes flit back and forth from the one to the next to the other to the rest, even when there's too many to count at times. When one gets tucked under the rail, it's as if the mamas know instantly that one is missing. I sit in her box and watch this behavior as it always fascinates me. Sola scootches her body around the box keeping her belly flat against the bottom making sure there is no chance of her sitting on one of her precious gifts. Making sure all pups are rounded up and always in the middle of the box. With 3 pups this task is easier but the instinct to do this is still strong in her and she does it flawlessly. I always find it extremely difficult to tear myself away from the new babes but puppy gazing can't be my only thing on my agenda for the day. BUT THESE FACES!!!

Everyone is content, not bothered, not even really skipping a beat when the pups showed up. They work in unison and are a very tight organized pack. They will be more eager to meet the new arrivals once they get a bit more active.

Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) was started on Day 3 this week giving me an extra excuse to spend more time with the babies. Their toes got tickled, their bellies cradled and cold wash clothes got touched to their bare tummies. Just the beginning of their puppy curriculum ahead. They squeak and squeal and I soak it all up as I sink my nose into their fuzzy bods. 

All the dogs love the cool air lately that we've been getting. Sola especially loves a good roll and itch in the side astroturf area. The heat in the doghouse has been cranked up for the babies so a good roll in the early morning fresh air is much loved by all. A good run over with a metal coat rake is always welcomed as well by them all.

Sola is perfectly content to hang out with her pups all day long but by day 3 she has been requesting to spend a few extra minutes sniffing the air and making her rounds before going back inside. It's not long before she asks to go back to her babies, Isla is right behind her as she is finally showing signs of slowing down just a touch. Sola goes in, 'counts' her babies, gives them kisses, 'cleans' the snuggle puppies and gets cozy for her next stint of duties which she adores. 

The other dogs continue to run and chase each other around top speed.

Isla gets cozy and stretches out in her box and shows off her lovely round perfectly plump honey colored belly. 

We have a puppy count from her x-rays this week that shows that she is expecting 7 gorgeously golden honey babes next week.

The itch to get these pups on the other side is getting all too real around here. This litter has been anticipated for over 2 yrs. so you'd think the last week wouldn't add much to this timeframe. Getting downright anty to meet these sweet honey pups that I know are going to capture hearts and change lives. Some of these families who have been waiting for these Isla pups have been waiting for over a year so the anticipation for many is high.  

My 'Sweet' Litter will consist of Honey, Sugar, Caramel, Maple Syrup, Agave, Monk Fruit and Stevia. I know Isla won't fully grasp her role until she lays eyes on these babes but I have no doubt whatsoever that she will fall head over heels with these babies. This photo is of Isla with the 'Reindeer' pups from last year and shows Isla's love for wee ones. She is all smiles. 

I have gained better traction this week as I get over the mass back to back life tasks that I needed to tend to last week. My 4 leggers and 2 leggers who were challenged last week are now all on the up and up and on the mend. The flooding rains have subsided and the sunshine has come out. The air is crisp and chilly but my dogs absolutely adore the cold weather. Christmas is right around the corner and at this point we all are doing the snow dance heavily. Snow is not on the horizon anytime soon unfortunately but the dancing keeps us warm and entertains all the dogs as long as I want to continue the shimmy for them. 

So as the air here is filled with squeaks and squeals and the smell of fresh squishy 'potatoes' we patiently impatiently wait for more nuggets to arrive soon. 

Hang tight everyone! More good news is coming oh so soon!  


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