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More Puppies Soon!

For all the people on my Meiko Litter List, I am ecstatic to pass along that your journey has begun! I have never had a dog so right on schedule to come into season. (due tomorrow, in season today) so all your planning that has had a tentative stall, you can indeed now put that into place as previously guesstimated as a more definite plan. I've been on cloud nine for you 'all all day long. SOooo happy Meiko didn't pull a Sola! PHEW!

It's already been planned to have Silas over here for a play date Monday the 25th which puts it on the most perfect start date for their breeding week to start! I can't wait to hit the road once again for multiple dates for Meiko. ha! So excited!

It's been an amazing week filled with so much sunshine and summer vibes.

I've been clearing and prepping a new puppy yard this week. In anticipation of so many new babes coming in I needed a new space to let the puppies play the last couple of weeks of weaning to let mamas play in peace and to give the pups some additional time to transition away from mama. Materials come in next week to be set in place. The new space will be an additional 1500 sq. ft. to add to the 3650 sq. ft. space that they currently have. It'll be a great additional to our space here. The doggos watch me work from their yard wishing they could 'help' with the digging.

So excited to have both litters over lapping for so many reasons. It'll give every one on board an additional option to look at both litters. Most of the time litters are equally balanced in genders but sometimes they just aren't. For instance, Isla came from a litter with 9 girls and 1 boy. Good for me as I had pick of the litter, but those waiting for males.. so not great. With both litters on the ground so close together, if there is a family who is super set on one gender we can look at the other litter and see if it makes sense to swamp some families around. We'll make it work everyone, we really will.

Sola has been doing fantastic. She doesn't skip a best, ever. I've been throwing her ball for her almost right in front of her and she looks at me like "Really mom?!" "Is this the way it's gonna be?" She hates to be slowed down at all but for now I am restricting her activity just a touch. She'll be back on track soon enough as the weeks transition through all the phases they need to. I'll prefer an ultrasound on her to confirm pregnancy in about 1.5 wks.

NEXT WEEKEND Sat. the 23rd. I'd like to invite everyone to meet me and so many great families and friends I've had the pleasure to meet and continue in friendship.

Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island 11 am

I have a great group of people coming in to celebrate a 1 year old birthday of one of my past litter of pups. A couple of families are joining from past litters and a couple from future litter lists are joining as well. It'll be a blast seeing so many of 'my' past babies all grown up in all their magnificent glory. If anyone wants to join us there and join in the fur flying Hoekema Homestead celebration of these wonderful 1 year olds. then please by all means, come and join us! It's going to be a great day, one I wouldn't miss.

We send everyone all our best today and always. More updates so so soon.


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