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Meet our Newest Addition!

I am extremely ecstatic to introduce to you all a very unexpected addition to our pack here. . . Meet our gorgeous new baby, Leia Rae.

She is Isla's half sister that was carefully hand picked from the litter of the top reigning dog in an exceptional breeding program. Her guardian family fell through and no other guardian family was found to be trusted enough to take this gem on. I feel immensely honored to be offered this opportunity to have her in my program. She is transferred directly into our program not under a guardian contract but as a direct breeding prospect for us here.

Her pedigree is impeccable and her lineage is exceptional. The dam she came from is nearly perfection in everyway. The dams structure is strong in every area and her testing sits with excellent ratings across the board. I know I got lucky with taking Isla on and now I am simply over the moon to have her sister here with us. It wasn't a planned move but an opportunity I just knew I couldn't pass on. I thought the next dog into our program here would be our future prospective stud. He's still in the plans though and should be here before the end of the year.

These 2 'babies' are like 2 peas in a pod and the 2 adult girls sit together just watching the craziness. Meiko tried to show Leia how amazing the horses are but she was hesitant and was perfectly content to just sit with me.

Isla took her new baby sister for a walk, showing off her big sister skills. She's nearly 5 mths. Old now and growing through her lanky teenage stage, growing into her mass and curls galore showing up out of nowhere. She is grateful beyond belief that I bought 'her' this new toy!

Leia is 10 wks. Old and has some strict guidance to abide to here. She is behind 2 wks. In her socialization so she is set on some pretty strict rules. She's gone a bit rouge the last 2 wks. but in the 2 days that I've had her she's made amazing progress and showing signs of wanting to please at every chance she gets. She runs to sit on the pallet already as it's our 'place' marker for rewards. Very quick learner. Isla is teaching her manners and patience, Sola is teaching her how to lounge around and enjoy the sunshine and Meiko is teaching her how to smile real big to get snacks. Everyone is getting along Golden but I didn't expect anything less.

The yard got freshened up for the season with new wood chips recently so everyone is having a hay day skidding around in the new play material. I'm ecstatic about the lack of mud now! Yah! Stark white little Leia might actually stay that way for awhile.

Last night as I sat watching Meiko in her nightly routine run with the horses and Sola chasing her ball, I was simply feeling blessed snuggled up with my new baby in my lap and Isla laying on my feet adoring 'her' new baby.

So as my thoughts delve into the midst of growth and improvement, I embrace the progress as it presents itself. It may not be in the 'perfect' time frame that everyone would like or in the form I think it'll be in but going with the nature of this business I learn to trust and go with the flow.


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