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In the midst of waiting...

I've had a day you guys.... so bear with me....

I take a breather as I look out the window and see the orange smokey sun catching rays of water droplets fall onto the sunshine as it feeds my dad's dogwood tree outside my window.

I know he's looking down upon me as I pull through.

My daughter's baby bunny barely pulled through today, her vet tech skills being put into full force saved his life. My other daughter went through her own ordeal, my neighbor lost her top show Bengal in Italy and as I feed her other show cats next door I hold onto my own dogs tight as I know things like this happen to the best of us.

It's been a day....

But.... there is plenty to be grateful for that I can pass along to you now that I've settled into the late afternoon.

River Trooper continues to be spoiled rotten despite my best attempts to try to not let him get this level of attention. Being a singleton he's taking full advantage of his special care. He has finally broke the 5 lb. mark which I'm ecstatic about. He is still small but oh so mighty. He is busting a move and taking names by the second. He wants to be one of the pack despite his tiny size and he is doing terrific at holding his own.

Sola is doing what she's suppose to at this point, turning her back and declining him at every turn. What a perfect mama. Meiko is watching him, tending to him and making sure he doesn't get trampled by the younger dogs. Isla is a flopsie mopsie young'n who wants to play but doesn't really know the ins and outs of how to do so. Leia just simply melts in front of him. She let's him 'nurse' off of her and both are completely content in the moment.

He is now eating like a champ, chasing his own shadow and ripping up every toy I give him. I beam from ear to ear thinking about how far he's come.

He will thrive in his new home. The countdown is on.

Meiko is doing fabulous, dreaming of her own babies as she watches out for dear River. Her motherly instincts are strong and ever so sweet. I am hoping for nothing short of a blessed event ahead for so many families and our sweet Meiko.

Sola is on track and romps and plays like she should. Isla rough houses with Leia while Meiko snuggles at my feet. Each holding their own personalities but very similar in most ways. These pictures below show my youngest daughter snuggling Leia and Sola looking as beautiful as ever. In the midst of waiting, we bring in everything we have and everything we are and only focus on the fuzzies that are with us now and try to move on from those who we have lost. Sit and soak up Leia snuggles while pups chew on our boots. Watch Isla tear up the yard as Sola looks on in bewilderment. Wonder what Meiko is thinking as River crawls all over her trying to figure out why she doesn't 'work'.

Thanking my lucky stars for my girls who have strength, who have wisdom, who have the determination to strive for more. There will be more, there will be lots more. More for so many... many that I get to be a part of once again. Slowly we work our way into the holidays ahead thinking of all this 'more' the midst of waiting.


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