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Heading into the Holidays

This week has flown by in a blur and before I know it the weekend is behind me and I didn't make the time to check in with all of you! Hi to you all!

The Holiday spirit is in the air as I see Christmas trees and decorations bestowed on everyone's abode. Christmas music fills the air as I stroll through shops here in town. Thanksgiving specialty foods are now on the shelves and in peoples baskets. Nutcrackers, lights, pinecones, garland and bells are in the corner of my eyes more each day as I'm out and about. How time flies.

The air gets chillier and chillier each day around here and I know that snow is right around the corner. The wind picks up and leaves spin in happy little circles. The dogs don't miss a beat. They never do. They are in the middle of it all joining in with the happy little circles and running through the yard happy as clams.

There won't be any change in Sola in a few more weeks so I just continue to dote on her and tell her all about how much joy is ahead for her. I look back on some baby pictures of Sola and how much of a doll she was as a wee pup.

The perfect eyes, the perfect soul, the utterly amazing energy that I now get the honor to pass along to you in her babies. I see Noah in Meiko each day as she quietly skips around shining up at me, checking in. It's going to be a good year ahead.


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