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Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter on this gorgeous sunny day that we've been graced with. The sunshine touched us all from every angle today. Such a nice change from all the rain we've been having. All the dogs send all their best slobbery love to everyone.

In between pups here nothing stops, only re directed but still forward and onward. More and more families come on board here looking forward to the chance to get their hands and noses into their own pup hopefully this year. I spend countless hours soaking in each story, listening to the excitement, feeling the sorrow on recently past fur babes, happiness in the hope of something new. My heart grasps it all with warmth and I again know without a doubt I am blessed with so many amazing families to work with this year.

Sola has now completely blown out her winter coat by now and looks rather naked. Meiko is still slowly working on hers as she sinks into the cool kiddie pool that I put out for them today. I give Sola a bath, rinsing out the final layer of the fluff that is now flying around every inch of our property. The birds are happy with their new fluff to add to their spring nests. Up cycling at it's finest. The spring air brings a new spring to their step and happy smiles on their faces. Sola and Meiko send love notes to Silas from afar. Sola is on close watch for her heat upcoming any time now. It'll be a busy week for breeding as the stud I am using for these girls isn't exactly local! I've learned to love driving and Sola has learned to take Dramamine. Yes another Hoekema that gets sick in the car. It runs in the family! I'm super excited to see what this pairing will throw and the beauty that becomes of it. I've learned through working with others (for stud service) that it's a very tricky balance to match up where you are at and where you want to go. Trust is key, communication has to be spot on and faith needs to be all in. Incredibly challenging for sure. Now that I have 3 girls that need to get paired up I have made another huge move, I've 'ordered' my own stud. It'll be a process, a long a lengthy process but one that is now in motion. I knew this move was bound to happen at some point so I embrace it with full force. I look forward to finding the perfect boy to join us here in our endeavors.

The trio of dogs here is learning the ins and outs of working together. Sola and Meiko still wrestle like it's going out of style while little Isla attaches herself to Meiko's tail in hopes of getting in on the fun. Isla is finding her way and learning quickly how things run around here. Trying to garden with 3 retrievers is rather impossible though with their curiosity peeked and their interest at it's highest. I mulched a little and got a few lanes planted into the vegetable garden before I needed to give up as the dogs always win. I'm just a sucker. They smile from ear to ear knowing full well that they have won again.

We've had our share of rainy days filled with mud and dirt, having to wear coats just to go on a 10 min. walk. The days that the sun tried to dry out the earth are simply glorious. The kids play with little Isla, Meiko contently snuggles on my feet while Sola chases her adored ball . Yes Isla is finding her way. She comes with me every morning to drop the girls off at school to give her exposure to the car, the passing wind and the noisy kids that pass by the window. She's started in on her Canine Good Citizen Training and doing amazing. She's the smartest pup I've ever had the pleasure of owning. She picks up tasks immediately and is super aware and eager for more. I do believe she's going to show the other dogs a thing or 2. She's already genetically tested and clear, we go south next week to get her eyes OFA Certified. Sola will also come along to get her eyes up dated. Never a slow moment around here.

While The dogs buzz around in the warm air, my family also flies around filling every nook and cranny with their own projects, passions and things they love. New bunnies get brought in, kittens are born and snuggled, my teenage girls head off to the river to play with boys (good grief) and I watch it all with a content sense of peace and love. I am grateful for everything around me, the families I get the opportunity to work with and the stories I get to be part of. May this year bring many fur babies, joy to little ones faces, happiness to the eyes of the ones that were recently filled with sorrow and excitement to everyone that follows all us here.


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