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Gem pups 8 wks old 'GOTHCA DAY'!

It's been an amazing week with plenty of highs, a few lows but mostly ear to ear smiles and moments to be remembered always.

It was a busy one for sure.

These Gem pups turned out exceptional. Down right gorgeous and demeanors to die for. Each one a special giant ball of joy.

Last minute meds, vaccines, microchips, paperwork, vet visits, baths and extra snuggles took place. One of these pups new mama came in from Colorado and stayed here with us for 3 days before turning around and heading back. It was I who was blessed to have her stay with us for this time as she added to the joy of this week immensely. We played a ton and got in last minute romps before the weekend.

These pups were eager to get one on one time with their new families so they were all smiles as they headed out the door. Each family was glowing with excitement and eagerness to get their journey started.

Sweet rambunctious Ruby will now be known as Journey, may your 'journey' back to Colorado be smooth sailing. Sweet Amethyst will now be known as Peach where she is going to eleviate life massively as a true service work dog. Topaz will take on Spencer and work his magic into the hearts of his new family. Sapphire is now known as Kronk and is a darling love bug who is going to be spoiled rotten with everything he wants and needs. Jade is now Jerry and is going to heal hearts like no other. and sweety pie Onyx is going out into this world as Monty and has already stolen hearts.

I am so happy for each of these families that their dream of having this fur baby is finally coming true for them. It's been amazing working with each of you.

My right hand girl, Arai was not here to help me this week as many of you know she is spending the month in Tanzania. I missed her immensely as the pups climbed up my legs all demanding attention all at once, a food tray in one hand, big dogs staring me down from the other side eager to be let out, trying not to step on toes and trying to give last minute love to all without her by my side. The life of a mama with flying children is hard on the heart sometimes! I embrace what I do here with full passion as I know I won’t have my little helpers here forever.

My heart was tested this week amongst my bustle and hustle of everything going on. I got word that Arai was in a TukTuk accident in Tanzania and all 16 of the group kids were thrown from the vehicle. My heart sank… momentarily. I put my full trust into her leaders and I in this moment fell back onto knowing without a doubt that she would be ok and cared for in the hands of whom I put my trust in. They all were checked and cleared at a nearby hospital, given a rest day and put back on schedule as planned. My low of the week. But I am reminded, there were SO many more highs in what she is doing and accomplishing there.

I use this experience in what I do here and relate. You all have put immense trust into me here to take care of your loved one until you get to continue their care in your own home. I thank each one of you for doing so. I am simply honored to be working with so many great families that have shown me that I am changing lives, healing hearts, adding back in love, and making lifelong dreams come true.

I took in all the great moments and took a breath when I thought of my one low. My Arai is ok, she is great, beyond great. I will embrace all her highs and continue to trust. I will continue to learn to embrace what I do here with a little less help but not any less passion. I can and will make it work and it will continue to be incredible.

There are exciting chapters ahead that are eager to be written.

Speaking of chapters… the next one is right around the corner. Within hours of the Gem pups going home, the pups play space was cleaned up, transitioned back into a newborn nursery and Meiko was in immediately to rest and nest.

She couldn’t have timed this litter any better. Thanks girl!!! This will be her ‘Flower’ litter with Zinnia, Buttercup, Rhodi and more. I can’t wait to meet each little wiggily tail, each toe bean, each wet nose and to give a snuggle to each furry squishy little potato body.

I am over the moon excited to be able to bless so many eagerly awaiting families this go round!

The count is in everyone! …. We are expecting... 10 gorgeous pups soon! Yes I am going to be crazy busy, but I get to bless a couple of extra families this go round which is incredible.

For now, I rest, Meiko rests and we clear the air for new life ahead.

Taking in everything that has happened this week, I am grateful. This week could have had a huge low in the middle, but it did not. We have so much here in the states that the community in Tanzania does not, and yet they are the happiest. No complaints, just pure joy and gratitude. I am changing lives here with these amazing pups but Arai holds a wee hand and that child lights up like a christmas tree. I will continue to place these pups into the right homes that appreciate what I do here and everything that I have poured my heart and soul into. Watching Arai from a distance through photos, my program becomes stronger because of her.

Thank you to each of the Flower Families that have been contacted and cordially invited to be part of this very special litter ahead for your trust, your respect, your gratitude, understanding and my ever growing value in what I do here.

I will leave these here as I have too many great moments not to share these....

SO hot this week! Couldn't NOT do pool parties!

Leia growing up so beautifully perfect. Tonka looking strong, wide, and stealing hearts left and right. What a gorgeous boy! Sola getting her zoomies back and loving life.

For now I will run, rest and be in contact again so soon. Love to all!


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