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Courting has begun!

This next chapter here on the Homestead has indeed started and I am ecstatic to share it all with you. The weather has turned chilly and the leaves are dancing around us once more. I breath in the fresh autumn air and know without a doubt this will be an amazing journey for so many. I am thrilled beyond belief for the start of this new chapter with you all.

You're at the mercy of nature when it comes to the timing of dogs but we always are blessed with whatever time frame we are graced with. Sola came into heat a touch earlier than expected and is doing fabulous. Her sweet playful nature warms my heart every moment I get the opportunity to give her a squeeze. I know she will pass on her amazing demeanor to each and every one of her beautiful pups. Noah's dapper looks along side of his absolutely chill and calm personality are going to be the utmost perfect match for astonishing pups ahead.

The dogs are starting to get acquainted this week, romping and playing exactly like they should. I am over the moon. My younger dog Meiko doesn't want anything to do with the new 'boyfriend' which is super funny to watch. She comes and sits behind me or one of my daughters and looks up as if to say 'take him away ok?! Boys are icky' She gets tucked under an arm and I tell her not to worry, he's not here to stay, only to play for a bit.

Noah warms my heart every time I get the opportunity to be around him. He is such a calm and collected guy especially for being an intact male. My hope is that this characteristic shines bright in each and every one of his pups. I'm already seeing it here with our Meiko as she is a daughter of his. She is constantly checking in with me, sitting and snuggling with me at every chance she gets. Yes Goldens are clingy but she's soulful, sweet and gentle. With this characteristic along side of Sola's super sweet nature I know these new babes will be unforgettable.

I'll be in touch more and more now that the ball is rolling around here. I'm always eager to pass along any new news that comes up.

Timing wise, looks like I'll be spending my New Year's eve/day with new fur babies. What an exceptional way to start out a new year! New squeaks and warm fuzzy bodies to smash my nose in. There's nothing quite like a fresh new fur baby. And you all may have your new bundles before February is over! I'll of course update you on more exact dates as time goes on. It's been a trying year behind us but behind us it is and moving forward especially in this way is nothing short of exceptional.

All my best to everyone, stay safe, take care. The doggies all seems their wet slobbery kisses your way.


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