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Breeding week closes

The sun was shining, stars were aligning, fur was flying, kids were laughing and dogs were smiling. As we wrap our breeding week, I know I couldn't have asked for anything to go any smoother than it did. Sure, I clocked almost a dozens hours on the road to make this happen this week maximizing the odds to the highest level I could, but the hours were easy and Sola was content with the traveling. This pairing was perfect, textbook perfection. It's not always a perfect match, this time it was. I'm beyond ecstatic and can't wait to see this gorgeous future litter. I strive for improvement each and every litter so I have high hopes that this next litter will be nothing short of exceptional. Both these dogs have temperaments that melt your heart so I'm sure they will pass this along to their pups. I know the families that have been waiting for this litter had a bit of an extra wait this time round waiting for mother nature to be in full swing but I have no doubt these pups won't disappoint and the wait will have be more than worth it in the end. I will hopefully confirm pregnancy via ultrasound in a couple weeks.

Hormones have been flying around this week between Sola and Meiko but Meiko continues on her own path surprisingly. At this point nothing really should surprise me though. She should come into season by the end of the month unless she pulls a Sola on us and keeps us on our toes a couple months longer! Let's just not give that any energy whatsoever and stay focused on the set plan as it stands now. It's well known that both female and male dogs have a pull effect on other dogs so I am compiling my odds and have already set up a playdate for Meiko and Silas on Mon. The 25th. Also, since this will be Meiko's first litter it'll give her a chance to shake 1st date jitters before breeding week commences for her. Clocked a few extra hours on the road south early this morning to get Isla and Leia in for their early heart and eye testing. With Leia in my baby front snugly pack (not fully vaxxed) (this pic. is one of my daughters testing out the snugly before we left) and Isla close to my heels, I felt like a new mama all over again, except these babies are just a bit furrier! Both pups now have their 1st clear eye certification and are also cleared with strong and healthy hearts. This is a great start to both their futures ahead here in our program.

Isla has been the perfect role model for Leia these last few weeks. Isla is good as gold and has been showing Leia very quickly how to follow in her footsteps. They've been like 2 peas in a pod since Leia has come home to us here and are quickly forming a lasting bond. They did team up a couple of days ago and found the raspberry bushes. One showing the other and back and forth discovering quickly that they could pick their own snacks! Well by the next morning I made a very clear note to myself to watch puppies a little closer when they are taking back loads of unripe fruit. Eeeek it wasn't pretty! Rice, pumpkin and a heavy dose of probiotics got them back on track. Now with the babies completely sacked out for probably the rest of the day, Sola resting and sun bathing, Meiko is lounging in the pool wondering why no one else wants to join her. She is content. With a handful of dog tasks taken care of for now my focus switches over to my girls. We are heading to the lake to do a bunch of nothing. Not a concept I'm used to but a good one to remember to practice from time to time. Fill up to continue to be able to give back. All the doggos send their love!


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