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Breeding Success!

I am excited to let everyone know we are yet one more step closer to pups!

Sola cruised through this week and conquered the heat wave with lots of water, time in a bigger pool, and lots of ice cubes. She was incredibly clingy all week but that's very normal. By yesterday you could tell by her behavior things were shifting. By this morning things had changed overnight and just like we had already planned, we hit the road for a boyfriend visit! My team came along but requested to be dropped off at the mall on the way through. They are team members but they are also teenagers. They work hard to back me up whenever I need a helping hand so I was more than happy to drop them at the mall.... just this once!

Sola is a phenomenal breeder and Silas does his job exactly when the timing is right. Well the timing was right and we now have one successful day behind us. We'll clock a few extra hours on the road a couple more times this week for visits to Silas just to ensure success but we are well on our way. Dates stay the same as what I estimated last. I will confirm pregnancy by ultrasound by the end of this month for sure. Hopefully by the end of Oct. a few lucky families will have Sola Mae babes in their hearts and homes! Yah!

Meiko has not yet come into heat but I am of course closely watching her diligently. She'll be soon behind I'm sure. Meiko pups will also be exceptional.

The 'babies' (Isla & Leia) thoroughly enjoyed the weather this week and played diving dolphins in the new bigger pool that I gave them. These babes have no hesitation towards water. So cute!

The sunshine, the pull of camping weather, beaches and warm air has given everyone puppy fever. So many families have contacted me recently about new pups. Even though this upcoming Sola litter was a bit of a wait this time round you can sit relaxed knowing you will indeed finally have your pup very soon. The Meiko litter isn't far behind and these families can also sit pretty. The rest of the families I have pushed into spring of 2023 with the hopes that I can fulfill so many more hopes and dreams of fuzzy, furry, balls of fluff. I've enjoyed immensely all the new stories that I have been blessed with. I have an amazing bunch of families that I simply have the honor to work with.

I spent a bunch of time on the website this week adding in some 'spruce' with some nature backgrounds, added Leia, a FAQ page and ease of use. Always something going on here in every corner.

As I sit here writing this more than the odd firework here and there are going off in the background already. I didn't expect anything less. The dogs don't seem agitated yet which is a relief. I send everyone and their fur babies all my best as you head into this holiday tomorrow. Stay safe and cozy, sport your thunder suits with pride (Winston!), keep your fur friends inside, give extra love and sleep well knowing this next stage of this journey will fly by. ALL OUR BEST!


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