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Belly Bump!

The air has shifted, the energy has changed, the chill has rolled in and the spirit of the holiday season is everywhere all of a sudden! Frost is clinging to every surface it can grip onto. What once was bright and green last week has now turned to quiet and white in every nook and cranny. Christmas music is pumped into the dog yard during the day adding to their speed I'm sure as they tear after each other trying to get the newest toy away from one another.

My dogs are never phased by the cold and actually thrive as the winter season rolls in. When the snow starts to fall they roll in every inch of it trying to almost coat themselves in the masses of it. I'm looking forward to the snow and all that it brings in.

Christmas lights pop up daily everywhere and Christmas music is now in almost every store that I go into. Days are certainly shifting towards this wonderful time of year.

There's a temporary pop up ice rink that got put in at our local park here in town that 2 of my daughters are working at currently. For anyone that is remotely local I would highly recommend coming down and saying hi to the girls and going for a holiday spin around the rink. It's a beautiful set up and a great event to add to your calendar this season. Perhaps as families come in to visit their new pup over the Christmas break you could make it a double event day. Oh what fun!

The days whir past, turkeys are filling families carts at the stores, cranberries are flying off the shelves and canned pumpkin is almost sold out in every town around. Plans are being made to hit the road to travel to loved ones homes by Thurs. We all send our best to everyone this Thanksgiving and are grateful to each and everyone of you. We hope you have a glorious Thanksgiving ever with loved ones, friends and family.

We here stay close to home this Thanksgiving and of course over the Christmas holidays and do what we love best. We keep all our 2 leggers and 4 leggers cozy, warm, happy, healthy and loving life each and everyday. The dogs get extra ground turkey soaked in hot water, the goats get an extra layer of hay in their cottage, the cats and bunnies get their house heaters turned on. We get the fireplace going and the blankets out as the hallmark channel runs in the background. My girls crash in at 10:30 laughing and singing after skating at the rink for 6 hrs. In the evenings and snuggle in like they are going to watch Christmas movies until dawn.

The dogs have long past been put to bed and their heater has now been turned on to acclimate them at a slow steady rate to get them use to the 72 degrees that their house is going to have to be at in a short 2 wks. Time getting ready for pups. Meiko is perfectly doing what I knew exactly she would be doing at this point. She is soaking up every minute of snuggles as if she'd never get any every again. Very retriever but also very Meiko. She's beautifully round and perfectly prego in every way. She stands on the stumps showing off her perfect figure as her belly bump at this point grows exponentially bigger everyday.

These last 2 weeks is where the most growth will happen. She's already gained 6 lbs. And will pick up in the weeks ahead. Her perfectly round belly will go from cute and plump to a full phenomenal figure in a very short period of time.

Her x- rays are in 9 days where we get the early privilege to see how many pups she will grace us with. Pups to the families that are starting out their life together, to the couples that weren't quite ready a year ago but are now eager and waiting with open arms, to the older couples that are now ready to bring in new golden love after losing their beloved golden and to the families with children who are getting their first ever dog. Perhaps there will be that one pup hiding way up behind some ribs waiting for the couple on stand by just in case they get the blessed privilege of getting a pup early. With all these hopes laid out its the only thing I focus on. This is the only thing I strive for and put all my energy into. I move forward with everyone's dreams and don't give any doubt any energy to anything else. My past stories will always be with me but I have closed certain chapters so I am able to keep my focus where it needs to be to have the highest chance of a successful ending for everyone so I am able to give beautiful beginnings to some. My hope is nothing but the very best as Meiko continues to grow your angel, your fur maker, your baby shark. May this holiday season bring in new beginnings for us here, for you there and as a whole for us all. I hope as I place these fur babies into your arms this holiday season you'll melt, your heart will cave and you'll know without a doubt that this is the pup that we've been waiting for.

So I send out everything good and grand, bright and merry, gracious and glorious this Thanksgiving and as we head into this Christmas season. The dogs and all of us here wish you the very best this holiday with loved ones. May your dreams be bright and beautiful and your hopes for the days ahead be filled with thoughts of a little extra flying fur, a little more time out in the fresh crisp air and tons of fresh new puppy kisses.


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