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always closer to pups

The days always whisper winter is coming at every corner these days. Animal buckets ice over, branches crackle under my feet as the dogs and I make our way around the trail before anyone really thinks about rolling over for the day. This is my favorite time of day. The sunset was an exquisite dusting of pinks and oranges this morning. I was blessed with the perfect timing. Everything is softly silent, peaceful, still..

then Meiko comes barreling into my knees and I brace for full impact. This is part of my happy place though. A full bundle of furry energy followed by Sola falling onto my feet looking up at me with her full attention.

She's been extremely attentive this week, sweet and intensely clingy, if that's at all possible. She's shifting towards pups. This stage always brings a smile over my face as wee changes start to happen unbeknownst to her really. She's her active, happy go lucky self romping and playing with all of us in the sunshine but coming to lean on me just a touch more.

Our trail around the property gets topped once again with woodchips. The goat yard and the dog yard also get a generous helping to keep the mud at bay and the areas clean and bright. Winters around here are relentless. The dogs 'help' of course awarding me with their goofy antics as they frolic in the brief sunny moments we've had this week.

I try to wait out the frost before tackling the pile once again this morning. The squirrels outside my window don't mind the frost either as somehow they scamper right up the birdfeeder pole without a beat missed. I'm reminded to put some peanuts in there alongside the seeds that are there for the birds. Winter brings it's challenges to both humans and dogs but it also brings this blanket that covers the buzz, the static of the world. This peace that frost brings that makes you think of snow, freshness and renewal, there's nothing quite like it. Every morning the dogs roll in the fresh grass itching away the night. The moon was still out this morning glowing down on the dogs as they ran around and stretched. I was tempted to lay down in the frosted grass myself but knew full well that I'd have a pile of dogs on top of me in a split second licking me 'back to life'. 'just checking in on you!' is what they always say. How kind doggies, thank you.

I think of all the wee fuzzy bundles that are on the horizon for the New Year and know for many of you your smile is going to be permanently changed because of this beautiful pup. These dogs have a way about them that not having a constant smile on your face is nearly impossible. I have the great privilege to be part of that change, part of that journey for you. So I thank you for letting me into your lives to be able to bless you with this New Years change. Let's have high optimism that the year ahead will be brighter than the last. With a new bundle of love, how could it not be so??!!!


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