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8 wk. old pups 'Gotcha Day'!

It's a wrap folks!

'Gotcha' Day was upon us all before we even had time to smell the brand new crocus's sprouting in the near by garden.

I am blessed beyond belief to have this amazing opportunity to raise such perfect little fur beings for so many of you. They have simply been a joy to have for these past 2 mths. So cliché, but time has really flown by.

This week was filled with last minute visitors grasping at the opportunity to rush in for the chance to see these amazing little faces in anticipation to get their foot in the door for Sola's next litter of babes. It's been a whirlwind double tasking week working from all angles but it's what I do and what I have learned to love very very quickly.

Each and everyone one these 'Space' babies passed their vet visits with flying colors and blew the staff away at my vet office. Our field trip was a raving success. Asteroid threw up on Nebula's head so I got the eye from her on the way home but other than that it was a winwin!

'Gotcha Day' was another huge success. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the dogs were sunbathing and the babies were washed, fluffed and ready to ride off into the sunset.

Faces were kissed, smiles were stretched, arms worked overtime and hearts overflowed as pup after pup got handed over into eagerly awaiting arms.

Families patted the goats, snuggled the chickens, road ATV's and motorbikes, flew down the zip line, held baby Pythons, and of course ran pranced snuggled and loved on each and every pup all day long.

Nebula is now Bella, Supernova is Allie, Gravity is Winston, Cosmos is Ollie, Galaxy is Cypress, Eclipse is Nimbus, Asteroid is Stella and Comet is .

I hope everyone of these pups and their 2 leggers can stay in touch and perhaps get together down the road for a playdate.

I will miss the Space pups as they were absolutely perfect. They won my heart like no other. As I have already been working with each of the families that are lined up for Sola's next litter my focus switches very quickly to what is ahead. Even our Meiko here is very much in the works of many others eager to get one of her pups. My heart overflows.

I will be taking a bit of a 'vacation' of sorts from blogging for a bit as I transition from one litter to the next. Focusing on yet another graduation of one of my daughters, gardening with my dad, continuing to teach my youngest daughter to drive, booking some airbnb's down south for some much needed down time and perhaps even sleeping in past 6 am on the weekends!

I will indeed keep everyone in the loop when new happenings around here start to shift. For now I send my love to all, the dogs send some extra fur your way in hopes you stay healthy and happy as we head into the much needed and appreciated warmer months ahead.


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