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7 wk. Trooper/River Update

I glance back at photos of this amazing pup and the difference between last week and this week is night and day. How is that possible?! He has blossomed into a full pledge walking, running, playing, tumbling little big pup.

He has filled in from every angle, his coat has gained a mass amount of density and curls. He is turning into a real life teddy bear. As much as I adore this little babe I can't wait to put him into the arms of his new family. This is the moment that I've been working so hard for. The look of gratitude that I know his family has had extensively throughout this whole journey but the one that will wash over their faces the moment they get to walk away with him. Whether it be this pup or the next, these moments are the ones that clench my heart and make me fight back tears, not because I am sad to see them go but at the immense joy seeing hearts expand beyond what people knew possible.

It's like looking into your newborn's eyes for the first time, knowing this moment was coming and knowing you'd fall in love but having no idea at how hard your heart beats from immense love for something just placed in your arms. Dogs just have an immediate grasp on your lives. I've known this my whole life. From my dear German Shepherd/Samoyed to my 2 Saint Bernards and now to my Creams as an adult. Each one has wiggled into my heart and really never left.

I often mention how much I am a passionate person and how crazy blessed I am to be able to pass along a piece of opportunity to a small handful of families that come into my life. My hope is that you will feel the same way I do about fur, mud, fluff, slobber, wagging tails, unexpected kisses, being tripped from behind, having a heavy lap pillow and a forever shadow...even as you go to the bathroom. (you'll never be able to go to the bathroom alone again I promise you that!)

So I watch little big River Trooper do his big boy things this week knowing that the countdown is on. I watch him try to keep up to the big dogs in the yard, watch him get tumbled over as he's caught up in a zoomies race, swat at some stray leaves, ruffle up a toy 'trying to get away' or lay in his bed like there isn't a care in the world. He's truly made huge progress this week. Leia plays with him well, Isla swats at him and thinks stepping on him is what she's supposed to do!, Sola is distancing herself just like she should and Meiko sits with him and snuggles all the time. He is part of our Homestead pack and holding his own strong and confident.

Such a great accomplishment for this little guy that started out so small, fought for his life and is now ready to take on the world. Run boy, capture hearts, move souls, snuggle like mad, cause a little trouble but not ever too much and make a mark on this world.

Meiko is as sweet as ever, more sweet or clingy than average? I hope so! Sure 1st signs of pregnancy. Still a couple of days early to run the ultrasound over her so by next week I'll have a clearer image and story to tell you all. I try with every inch of my being to attract all positive vibes possible and deflect any worry or nervousness as time progresses.

These Meiko babes will turn a corner for not only myself but for all of you that follow so diligently with my stories and my dogs here. I bring in energy to pour into nothing but a successful journey, a successful birth and a miraculous upcoming 8 wks. for oh so many families that have been waiting oh so patiently for these amazing pups. Looking at this new Silas Pup (Trooper) I am ecstatic how he is turning out. He is near perfection in everything that I work towards. I am over the moon excited to see more Silas pups on the ground and know without a doubt that combined with our gorgeous Meiko girl, so many hearts will expand beyond what you knew possible.

As the rain rolled in this week it washed away so much smoke, grime, dusty coverings, and dingy smells. It was a welcoming rainfall and one that I think we all embraced. The dogs loved their raincoats and they did their jobs well. It brought in new energy, fresh air, a chill to our surroundings and a calm sense to everything in our path. The dog's noses were up in the air sniffing at what all this brought, perhaps it was the squirrel in the tree or the giant V line of geese high above the tree line. The rain did not disappoint.

The heater in the doghouse has not yet been turned on but as we switch gears next week from one 'litter' to the next, it will be turned on and things will get shuffled anticipating a new chapter ahead. I love the 'book' and love every 'chapter', some more than others, but I continue and pour my heart and soul into everything here.

The year ahead is looking grand, filled with excitement of the potential of new pups from new moms. Isla will hopefully be starting her breeding career in the summer and Leia in the late fall.

Securing down health testing is being put in place now for multiple dates early next year in anticipation of getting these girls started. Downloading some good music is in order, airing up my tires and getting ready to put some long miles on my rig to get this done. I welcome it all.

I have also been working late nights recently making some other very exciting changes, improvements and additions to our program here that I am ecstatic about really, so stay tuned in the very near future for those!

It's going to be a great year!

So for now, myself, my team, and all my furry love bugs, we send all our very best your way.

I appreciate each and everyone of you as you follow my path, my story and support me in my journey along the way.

Kisses from Sola, Snuggles from Meiko, licks from Isla, a hand nudge from Leia and all of that combined from dear sweet River.


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