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Sweet pups 4 wks. old

Pudgy tummies dominate our space, stubby thick legs,  fat thick curly ears, bright wide eyes and little voices fill the air. These Sweet pups 'motors' have kicked in to a new higher gear this week.  Determination flashes across their eyes as they whip their head sideways searching for a new direction. The will to pick up speed is apparent and the drive to do more and strive further is obvious. 

Personalities are really starting to surface every time I spend time with these love bugs.  

Between this week and next their little selves will have bloomed to a whole new level.

Differences in appearance have started to be more apparent, a bit wider, a touch leaner, and of course the coloring in this litter is evident. 

Tails quiver and fat little bodies shake with excitement as they have really conquered food in the last couple of days.

Moments that 'click' are extremely entertaining as you can almost watch it happening in the exact moment it shifts for them.  My awareness is high and I'm on alert at all times watching these busy little creatures.  

A couple of these pups are going to be lap dwellers, couch potatoes and face lickers. 

A couple more have a distinct will to work and please. 

And the others are cruising down the center content to be my middle runners perfectly balanced ready for anything I throw at them.  

The weather that came at us this week was indeed challenging and called for some creativity. It continues to come down in sheets around here freezing everything in sight. Schedules get altered and routines get shifted so we were able to fulfill everyone's needs throughout the week. All the dogs are absolutely thrilled to have more snow though! They are having a blast!

We had a glorious warmer day that opened up earlier in the week, prompting us to quickly capture the moment of warmth.  All 9 pups were able to get outside twice that day to play in the yard. Confidence building was in full force with the Mountain pups leading the way for the Sweets. The big kid steps got taken full advantage of and the rainbow swing got tested out by at least the Mountain pups. It was a grand outing!

One of the pups always gets stuffed inside my jumper or under my arm when we go out into the yard. Not too sure they are loving this wet rain but it at least gives them some exposure to it which is great.

Its been the Mountain pups for the win with this Sweet litter guiding and showing them the way. Tonka is magnificent but big powerful and way more interested in his girls than the pups this time round. He is doing his job just like he is meant to. Still sweet as pie, attentive, tuned in, playful yes, but overall a very chill content boy. LOVE HIM!

I don't want to say we're getting into the home stretch quite yet but at least the 2nd chapter of this very important time here with me. Music continues to play in the background, weaning is taking place slowly, car rides will continue, sling walks will take over stroller outings for now and most importantly lots of lots of love will be squished into these amazing pups into the weeks ahead.


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