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Successful Breedings

It's been incredibly chilly, windy, rainy and down right cold this week but despite the below lovely weather that has been blowing through, I have the honor of passing along to you all that we've had multiple successful breedings here at the homestead. There's always small pockets of opportunities to get the dogs out without them getting soaking wet, grubby and dripping. Even though they don't really seem to mind. Retrievers aren't very phased by these cold days like I am. I highly prefer the warmer days where the sunshine graces down on us but try to embrace these 'fresh' ,'crisp' cool days as I supervise a dating moment. I'm over the moon excited for this next litter of pups. I've been anticipating this pairing for a long time and have no doubt whatsoever that these wee babes will be nothing short of stunning and sweet as pie.

Here's a picture of some past pups that we've had here (not Sola's) just to get you a touch more excited for what's to come.

These new pups are scheduled to show up as early as New Years Eve. What a great way to start out this new year ahead of us! Time from here on out really does fly by so before Feb. is over many of you very well may have a new sweet smelling babe in your arms.

Hopefully by the time these pups go home to you the rain will be thinking of letting up a touch and you'll be able to spend more time outside where these dogs really do love to be. In the meantime you can snuggle up next to a fireplace and watch the world go by as the weather turns on it's own on the other side of your window pane.

I'll be in touch every Sunday from here on out as each and every week passes. Sola and Meiko send their love to you all every moment. Their joy for life just shines brilliantly as they romp and roll in the leaves, eat fallen apples off the trees and just plain love every second of their days. We all need to be more like dogs for sure.


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