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Puppies right around the corner

Happy New Year to each and everyone of you! May this new year ahead bring abundant health, happiness, and love to all as we take on this new journey ahead, head on with a renewed sense of excitement, bliss and a touch more fur flying through our homes.

It certainly has been an eventful week for everyone. A touch of challenge, a load of excitement, a generous amount of snow falling just in time to bless us with freshness on Christmas Day. The holidays were incredible here on the homestead as I hope it was for everyone else. The cold snap brought in a bit more extra work around here but with many hands it made for light work. The chickens and cats got their heaters turned up to high, the bunny got tucked in inside, the goats got coats and of course the dogs got spoiled rotten. Their house got their heater cranked up warmer than we keep our own house, their linens got freshened and their pillows got fluffed. Their meals got thicker with rice and beans and a bit of warm broth topped off every meal.

The dogs wanted to stay outside all day long tunneling through the piles, getting buried by children, and romping through the fluff until they were beyond tired. Sola couldn't keep up with Meiko, flopping down at my feet more and more every moment. Meiko's been winning every single race lately but Sola still holds her own with all the wrestling matches. They didn't stay outside longer than an hour at a time though as this cold is a bit rough on us all.

The days tick by but it won't be long now until these new New Years Babes are here. Sola's milk has now come in and she's started to get a bit more clingy, if that's at all possible for a retriever! She's doing fantastic, handling her 'condition' almost like nothing is any different. Her eyes tell me a different story though which is incredibly endearing.

I don't think I'll get in another bit of writing to you next week before I get the greatest pleasure of announcing the arrival of these new pups. I know so many of you are eagerly awaiting this news as we all are. I will be by Sola's side 24/7 very soon to make sure each and every one of these babes makes it to the other side happy and as healthy as possible. May there be that perfect baby for oh so many of you to bless your hearts and homes through this next year. For the families that are part of this journey now but are waiting for Sola's next pups, may you enjoy the ride along side all of us watching as these beautiful babies grow into household additions that will melt the hearts of so many.


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