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Gaining Traction

So my story continues... little by little, slowly but surely. Energy shifts, fur flies in another direction and dogs 'talk' to a different beat. I am grateful for it all.

My little Trooper has turned into 'our' little Trooper as his fan club grows by the day. People root, families cheer, everyone prays and so many follow his progress. I thank you, I thank them, and I thank you all. I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today without out all of your support. You all have been incredible.

Trooper dives into his mush, rice cereal, canned puppy food and formula. I run my days around him... 3x a days I am at his beck and call. He is at 2.3 lbs. as of this morning and gaining faster now that solids are introduced. He's not that far off of an 'average' weight.

He will survive, he will thrive, he will grow big and strong and give his new forever family a hard time just like he is suppose to. All my sleepless nights will be only a brief moment in time for all the runs on the beach, the sprinting feet on the trail, the heavy heads in laps and the soulful eyes looking up saying that everything will be ok. He will do his job and he will do it so well, for that I am sure.

Such tragedy I have gone through but it seems like so long ago in a sense. My life spins around me presenting me with the next step, the next move, the next momentous event. I continue on.

The days have been glorious lately with just a sliver of chill to the air. I washed Meiko, Isla and Leia the other day and set them up in the driveway to dry. Their furry coats turned fluffy and curly from their wash and glistened just like they should. Fur flew in every direction sticking to every vehicle and every board on every side of the house that it could. Yes, dogs indeed live here. I'll wash Sola here soon in a few weeks after her full cycle is through. But look at sweet Meiko! Look at how gorgeous she washed up!!

Sola is doing incredible throughout this whole process, loving and caring for Trooper just as well as she would have if she had all 10 of her pups here. Very attentive, very protective and very aware of everything that is happening around here. I have just slowly started to introduce the dogs to Trooper in the last 2 days and asking Sola kindly if she is ready for that. She has relaxed over these 3 weeks into her new role and accepted the other dogs into her space more and more everyday.

Meiko wants to take over showing me she is going to be an exceptional mama in the future. She was incredible with Sola's last litter, letting every pup crawl all over her in any fashion they chose. The 2 younger dogs show more brief interest but want to be included in the introductions. Such dynamics!

As the dogs tear apart the new sand yard and loving every inch of it by the way, I carry Trooper around including him in the 'playtime'

Spring is right around the corner and oh so many families to help build smiles upon. I welcome in more and more families, more and more stories and with hope on board I pour my heart and soul into giving my everything to help fill hearts, heal hearts, and build homes full of happiness, fur and love.

So from here on forward, I gain traction, I gain knowledge, hope, heart, soul and the opportunity to share my life with so many more hopefuls. I have been so blessed beyond belief at the heartfelt love that has poured in recently. I add this to my traction, get grip, take foot, dig in and strive forward. Because forward is the only option. It's my option and it's the best option because this is where I need to be. Passing along these gorgeous fur babes to such amazing families is where my heart thrives.

So again, ... thank you,...thank you for the support, the love and the encouragement to keep truckin' with Trooper and the encouragement to keep going so I can re gain traction in the next step, the next glorious step towards the next momentous occasion not that far off.

To finish things off for the week here's a couple of gorgeous pictures of Isla, well just because she's so gorgeous, and a camera shot of Trooper just as big as his 'brother' now!

Take care to all from all of us here!


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