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Gorgeous Black/Tuxedo/Tortie Kittens


Our kittens are passionately hand raised at our homestead with my team of dedicated teenagers. Early socialization has been our focus here for many years and the payoff is huge. Cats in general can be a little hot and cold so we find introducing these babies to lots of different experiences early makes all the difference in the world. Our past families that we’ve worked with that have kept in contact with us have had amazing stories to pass back to us that make our hearts melt. It is nothing short of an honor to pour our time, effort, hearts and dedication into these fur babies to be able to pass along to you a little piece of wiggly love.


Very sweet, friendly, enduring personalities

Mama is an absolute doll – Long haired Calico Splash

Father is a big beautiful domestic short haired black

All kittens will be fed a complete whole diet of balanced raw meat that we feed at intervals of 5 times a day. Kibble is also introduced to open up the option for you to feed whatever you choose.


Included with your kitten:

Handling and socializing with all ages from the very start

Introduced to many different environments to make the transition into your home go smoothly and flawlessly

Complete De-worming performed @ 2, 4, 6 & 8 weeks of age

1st Core FVRCP Vaccine will be administered at 8 weeks before they go to their new homes

Litter box trained onto pine pellets


Nails trimmed

Kitten starter kit of raw food & kibble, blanket and a book with easy recipes on how to easily and successfully feed raw to your new baby.

Personalized kitten folder for each baby with strict record keeping with weights and health, performed weekly to ensure the utmost healthiest kitten growth.

Kitten Adoption fee of $300 applies. A $75 deposit secures your kitten now. 

We've put a lot of time and care into these sweet babies and want the utmost best for them Feel free to reach out to be placed on our waiting list as these beautiful babies bloom.

Current Litter all spoken for!

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